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Camping on Your Own Lot

Sugar Springs is a unique home development community for a number of reasons: Great people, properties, amenities, lakes, tennis, golf and the list goes on. To be specific, there is one other amenity that is available at very few home development communities, the ability to camp on your private lot.

What does that mean for you? If you are looking for a lot to buy, stop at the Property Owners Association office and tell them what you are thinking about doing. Inquire about the lot you are looking at before you buy and become familiar with the rules & regulations in place to benefit all property owners at Sugar Springs. (Check to make sure the dues are up to date, the realm is allowed camping, etc.) Ask Debbie or Melissa in the POA office for a copy of the camping rules and regulations and ask them to explain “camping on a lot” in Sugar Springs.

Most empty lots can be camped on “au natural.” However, here is what we’d recommend: Electric is underground and is sure nice to have. Hook up to the sewer system. You’ll be glad many times over. Finally, you might want to consider drilling a well.

Check with Butman Township about the sewer costs and the taxes. Many realtors have lots for sale and if you look closely, some are for sale by owner.

We’ve included pictures of existing lots just to give you an idea of what you might be able to do with your lot. Photos compliments of Del Wood, member of the Sugar Springs Camping Committee.

Camping on a lot is allowed in all the realms of Sugar Springs except Islanders, and Highlander III (the Architecture & Environmental Committee has defined all lots without a home as “camping lots”).


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